Let the Sun Shine

Some of my artist/music festival friends enjoy painting live to music at festivals and concerts. Being a very slow and meticulous painter who uses reference photographs to create my paintings, painting "live" was not something I could imagine doing. Still, one of my friends suggested I give it a try at an indoor festival one February. Since I was going to the show anyway, I said I would try. Of course, being me, I did not go with a completely blank canvas. I tried to come up with an idea in the weeks before and settled on the simple image in the final painting. I even did a test run at home on scrap paper! Before the show I prepared my paper with masking fluid to achieve the shimmering waves and outlines of the people. The rest I did at the show, which I really enjoyed! I'm so glad I tried something new outside of my comfort zone.

Original Painting - Sold

Matted 11x14 Print - $20 

Greeting Card - $2

Magnet - $2