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December was truly a blur of work, school events, craft fairs, maintaining inventory for craft fairs, painting...oh...and of course...the holidays! As much as I enjoyed the various events, staying prepared and organized in such a busy season can be really exhausting. 2012 was an amazing year for my family and me. After the chaos of December though, I am grateful to have turned the page to 2013 and what it will bring.

I participated in three local craft fairs over the holiday season. I always enjoy connecting with people, sharing stories, and doing some of my own holiday shopping as well. It is easy to do when you are surrounded by so many talented artisans and crafters.

Christmas on the Pond in Marlow was held in the historic buildings in the village, and was part of the Route 10 Holiday Hop, promoting craft fairs in several small towns along that road. It was wonderful to have members of my family travel all the way from Massachusetts to attend this fair, as they do each year. They enjoy the delicious lunch in the chapel, the piano music by Marlow's very talented, Tristan Smith, and of course the shopping.


The second fair I participate in was the Antioch University New England Student Alliance Winterfest in Keene. I work at Antioch and have done this fair for many years. It grew from one room when it started to three rooms in 2012. It's nice to have built in support from students, staff and faculty who can get some shopping done while they are already on campus.

The PR office took this photo of me and a coworker to celebrate the event.

My final fair of each holiday season is The Orchard School’s annual Crafts Fair and Cafe at The Walpole Town Hall on the Common in Walpole, NH. The fair includes a raffle, dinner or lunch in their café, including delicious bread Orchard Hill Bakery, and local musicians playing throughout the day. All proceeds from the raffle and cafe directly benefit The Orchard School’s programs, which have been a part of my family's lives for almost 12 years. The fair raised $6,770 for the school!

After the craft fairs were finished, I spent all of my free time working on a commission of a house in West Chesterfield, NH. It was supposed to be finished in time for Christmas, but it's for an 18x24 frame and took much longer than I anticipated. I delivered it on January 11. The person was very happy and said it will have a prominent place in his dining room.
I am so glad he likes it.

Throughout the busy holiday months, I was still reminded of those who were affected by Hurricane Sandy, including some of my New York and New Jersey friends who I have met through our musical festival and creative connections. I decided to donate all the proceeds from my online sales to funds set up to support these friends. I am so grateful to everyone who made online purchases in December. So far I have sent $155. My heart goes out to everyone who was affected by this horrible storm and hope we can continue to support rebuilding efforts. I will continue to donate proceeds of sales from online store. Thank you to everyone who has helped.

2012 ended with time in the Adirondacks with my in-laws. For the first time in many years there was fluffy snow that stayed on the trees and made everything look so magical. We took a walk with the dogs one afternoon, and it was beautiful with the sun, shadows and glittery snow. It was the perfect way to finish 2012, a year that was full of many adventures. I wish you all a 2013 full of your own adventures, creativity, and plenty of time being with the important people in your lives, doing what you love.

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