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Posted by Stephanie Tickner on Sunday, April 6, 2014 Under: Art Stories

With spring seeming very reluctant to arrive this year, and snow still covering my perennial garden beds, I spent my free time recently in the somewhat tedious work of updating my art website again. Yola, the company whose online tool I use to build my site recently added pull down menus as a template option. I have been wanting pull down menus instead of the submenus I had, so I made the leap and changed templates. It took way more time than I hoped to get everything lined up and looking right again, but I finally finished yesterday. I love how it came out.

It made me think back to the different versions I have had of my website over the years. Back in 2002 my husband helped me design my first website in Microsoft Word, which we then uploaded to the internet with our dial-up modem. Slow!!! I was very excited by it at the time. Looking at screen shots of it now, it looks very outdated. That said, it did serve me very well through the years, even as we moved on to DSL. In fact, I used that site until I did some research on website building tools and found Yola, in 2011!

This is what my Word website homepage looked like.

And this is part of the Galleries page.

The first page I created using Yola took me FOREVER!!!! It was a real learning curve for me, and I got so frustrated with it at times. I was really glad when it was finally finished. Here's what that first site looked like.

I was never completely pleased with the black menu and gray border of this template. So, I researched in the Yola Help Center trying to find tips for making changes to colors. I couldn't find what I wanted, so I sent in a help request. Yola has a GREAT help staff. The person who helped me told me about web code I would need to use, and how I could adjust color codes to my liking. I learned a lot of useful information. With her tips, I changed my site to the one below. I loved how clean it looked.

Then, I read about the addition of the pull down menu option on Yola. It is not yet available on all the templates, so I had to decide if I wanted to stay with my submenus, or take the leap to get pull down menus. I took the leap. So, once again, I have a new look, and I learned more code to get things just the way I wanted.

Finally, in an attempt to stay current with the ever changing world of social media, I have added Pinterest buttons to the painting pages of my website. If you are on Pinterest and you would like to share my paintings, it's now very easy to do. Happy pinning!

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